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Heat Pulse Bonding

C-Slide handles the product in a pneumatic slide with 150 mm stroke, with a fixture size up to 250 x 250 mm.
C-Slide - Heat Seal Bonding - Slide in - Nordson DIMAHeat Seal Bonding process - Nordson DIMA

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Heat Seal Bonding process
Heat Seal Bonding Process Electrical conductive adhesive bonds can be made between flexible and rigid circuit boards, glass panel displays and flex foils. Conductive adhesive contains small conductive particles or spheres, which are separated by an isolating adhesive material. Two parts to be joined, of which one is supplied with the conductive adhesive, are brought together in a fixture. This fixture (or jig) makes sure that the bonding parts fit perfectly together and ensured the repeatability of the process. Temperature, time and pressure are applied and cause plastic deformation of the adhesive and compression of the particles. The particles that are trapped between the conductors form a conductive interface between the pads on the two mating surfaces and conduct only in the Z axis. Subsequent cooling and full curing of the adhesive while still in the compressed condition stabilize the joint.