Process Equipment

DIMA offers a variety of Process Equipment for ACF laminating and Heat-Seal Bonding systems.

C-Drive with pneumatic Bond Head - Nordson DIMA

C-Drive Bond Head

Pneumatic Bond Head with Displacement Monitoring

The C-Drive Bond Head is designed to deliver quality solder joints and Heat Seal bonds consistently. When coupled with a C-Flow Controller, Temperature, Force, and Displacement Monitoring give instant feedback on what's occurring at the joint.
3D Thermode with thermocouple - Nordson DIMA


Pulsed Heat

For Pulsed Head Bonding there are different kinds of Termodes available: High Thermal Mass Thermodes, Shank Mounted Thermodes and Titanium Blade Thermodes.
Silicon tape interposer-interlayer for Bonding - DIMA Group

Interposer Silicon Feeder

Manual or Automated Interposer

Using interposer (interlayer) silicon tape in the bonding process is critical to maintaining a high quality and cost-effective production process.
C-Flow Heat Pulse Controller - Nordson DIMA

C-Flow Controller

Stand alone Pulsed Heat Controller with touch screen

The C-Flow Bonding systems stands alone from other pulsed heat controllers with its unique integration of responsive temperature control and useful tools such as displacement monitoring and force control, all packaged into an easy to use, multi-language, touch screen interface