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Aerospace IndustriesThe Aerospace and Defense Industries both require cutting edge technology, requiring components and products that can survive extreme stresses.  Because of the high speeds that most aerospace products move at, they must be strong, but since they also must defy gravity, they also need to be light. To accomplish this, these industries use many specialized materials and processes. Parts must be designed and manufactured to precise specifications. Nordson DIMA product offerings are designed to deliver fast, precise, and quality results, for each and every component.

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Electronic components

Electronics IndustriesThere is no industry that influences every other business like the electronic component industry.  Its products are constantly defining and redefining the way we interact with products and equipment.  Whether it’s the latest touch screen on a cell phone, or a flexible display worn in the military, Nordson DIMA has equipment that can be used to build your product with confidence.

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Medical Devices

Medical Devices IndustriesWith a broad array of process capabilities, attention to quality, and deep process knowledge, Nordson DIMA offers an incredible value for equipment used to build medical devices.  From Stints and pacemakers to systems designed to build imaging system, Nordson DIMA has helped a number of medical devices go from concept to deploy.

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Automotive IndustriesThere is no tougher environment for electronic devices than found in the automotive industry.  Parts are subjected to extreme temperatures, vibrations, moisture and dirt. Our technologies are used in a wide variety of automotive applications including sensors, switches, dashboard electronics, lighting components, brake shoes, and more. Nordson DIMA provides the equipment and experience you need to see your project succeed.

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Solar Energy

Solar Energy IndustriesThe solar industry continues to grow at an exponential rate.  With demand for more power and more installed systems, companies need to add more automation to production lines.  Process control, increased electrical efficiency and higher volumes all can be improved. Nordson DIMA has the right mix of experience and equipment to help your company grow.

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