Hot Bar Reflow Soldering

Process EquipmentNordson DIMA  manufactures a range of equipment for various thermal processes. Our Hot Bar Reflow Soldering process equipment provides high quality and versatile systems, engineered to meet our customer’s requirements.

Automated Soldering System - Nordson DIMA

Automated Soldering System

Nordson DIMA can also supply fully automated soldering machines, that can operated as a stand-alone system or can be added to an existing production line.
C-Flow - Heat Pulse Controller - Nordson DIMA

C-Flow Controller

Stand alone Pulsed Heat Controller with touch screen

The C-Flow Soldering systems stands alone from other pulsed heat controllers with its unique integration of responsive temperature control and useful tools such as displacement monitoring and force control, all packaged into an easy to use, multi-language, touch screen interface
C-Prime - Reflow Soldering machine - Nordson DIMA


Reflow Soldering

C-Prime handles the product in a fixed position, with a fixture size up to 300 x 200 mm.
System integration Soldering - Nordson DIMA

Integrated System Soldering

Nordosn DIMA can also supply (process) equipment for bonding applications, suitable for built-in, integrated solutions in new or existing machines. Ideal for a(n existing) production line in need of an inline automated bonding process.
C-Drive pneumatic soldering head - Nordson DIMA

C-Drive Soldering Head

Pneumatic Soldering Head with Displacement Monitoring

The C-Drive Soldering Head is designed to deliver quality solder joints and Heat Seal bonds consistently. When coupled with a C-Flow Controller, Temperature, Force, and Displacement Monitoring give instant feedback on what's occurring at the joint.
C-Slide - Hot Bar Reflow Soldering - Slide in - Nordson DIMA


Hot Bar Reflow Soldering

C-Slide handles the product in a pneumatic slide with 150 mm stroke, with a fixture size up to 250 x 250 mm.
C-Turn Reflow Soldering - Nordson DIMA


Hot Bar Reflow Soldering

C-Turn handles the product in a pneumatic turning unit with a diameter of 410 mm, with a fixture size up to 160 x 160 mm.
Pulsed Heat Thermodes - Nordson DIMA


Pulsed Heat

For Pulsed Head Soldering there are different kinds of Termodes available: High Thermal Mass Thermodes, Shank Mounted Thermodes and Titanium Blade Thermodes.
C-Turn Flux - Nordson DIMA - Reflow Soldering with flux dispensing

C-Turn Flux

For reflow soldering applications with flux dispensing

Combine different production steps in one process! With two, three or four fixed positions, you can plan your ideal product building on the C-Turn Flux. Example process: place the product in the special fixture, dispense flux material, place the second part of the product and solder the parts together with the hot bar reflow soldering head.
Interposer - Interlayer Kapton tape - Nordson DIMA

Interposer Kapton Feeder

Manual or automated Interposer

Kapton Interposer (interlayer) tape is used between the Hot Bar Thermode and the product. In order to prevent damage to the Hot Bar while cleaning, and save valuable production time, a Kapton Interposer tape can be used between the Hot Bar and the products, maintaining a high level of joint quality at the same time.